What We Do

Teaching, Training, Consulting and Facilitating

We do the following:

  • Teaching and designing Tourism curriculum
  • Setting up tourism departments, training the tourism teacher
  • Responsible tourism and developmental projects
  • Using tourism to positively impact local communities (and vulnerable groups)
  • Developmental projects involving poverty reduction and climate change issues

Responsible businesses

Modern day businesses are changing the ways they do business. Responsibility towards local places and people are not hoped for, but expected. Businesses can do a lot to reduce obstacles and barriers local people face everyday in their lives, and to help local communities solve immediate and long term problems.

We assist you in projects in making your tourism business more responsible, projects that involve enabling your business to bring about positive change in the local communities, enabling your business to help solve developmental issues, or global issues in local places.

From market studies, to conservation to formulating responsible tourism strategies and charters, you can speak to us.

Capacity building

Train the trainer

Asia is having a serious and growing need for capacity building, knowledge and skills transfer. The tourism industry here requires not just knowledge of how to bring in more visitors, but how to make tourismís benefits spread, to as many people as possible. The knowledge and skills to make that happen, therefore is paramount.

We train the trainers in delivery, assessing and designing lesson plans.

Business planning

Businesses no longer can survive and thrive by outdated and traditional management methods. The world is changing the way businesses think and operate. Banks no longer are keen to lend to businesses that do not have an idea what it is responsible for, and to who it is responsible.

We do not do the traditional business planning that you are most likely exposed to, rather a different way to look at businesses. We look at the nature of your business, your operations and your suppliers, and then see what your current and future resource requirements are.

Your businesses may be in areas where resource scarcity has the potential to cause future disruptions, or where your supply chain and customers may be affected. We look at risks you may face in your operations, whether local or global ones, and whether immediate or those into the future, that may emerge that can cause your business to be disrupted.

Helping local communities, helping your business

Enabling local communities to lead better lives by improving their social and environmental situations is within the power of businesses. Helping local communities to preserve or conserve resources often means cost savings for businesses using the same resources. Responsible businesses are not the exception anymore, irresponsible ones are.