About IGIT Consulting

Enabling Responsible Tourism that create positive impacts to people and societies through teaching, training and consulting.

How do we do that?

  • Through being in the region, and understanding the diverse needs of the region
  • Through continuous learning and discovering knowledge and information
  • Through understanding the local needs and cultures, and aligning them to business practices

We aim to create solutions that tailor to current and future needs of different places and cultures

Tourism, opportunities and responsibility

Southeast Asia is a familiar ground for many businesses in Asia, and it is also a place where millions of people are affected by the impacts of tourism, both directly and indirectly. By using the power of businesses, opportunities to create a better living environment for many in this part of the world is possible.

Natural resources scarcity is an immediate issue for many in the world, and it is through responsible business management that can enable businesses to protect communities and the environment, create opportunities and resources for communities to live and survive.

About Kevin Phun

A keen learner in the sustainability aspect of tourism development, Kevin is a teacher and practitioner at the same time. A keen traveller and discoverer, Kevin has been, and is still teaching tourism in various private educational institutes. He is passionate about teaching, about imparting knowledge in tourism, and also in keeping himself updated and current.

Kevin has a Masters in Responsible tourism from the Leeds Metropolitan University and a Tourism Studies Bachelors with Honours from the London Metropolitan University. He is an occasional practitioner in responsible tourism projects and is a committee member of the United Nations Association of Singapore.

Kevin is also currently pursuing his second Masters, an MSc in Sustainable Development.